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Financing of road maintenance: an international view

Juan Gómez Sánchez                                                                                                                          
José Manuel Vassallo
Javier Lopez Galdos
Department of Civil Engineering Transport, TRANSyT
Polytechnic University of Madrid


Transport infrastructure are a key to economic development of a country element, and it is therefore essential to establish funding models that are able to meet the needs of conservation spending and preserve the heritage value of the network. This article makes a review of models of highway funding in the international arena, focusing on the schemes applied in the US and Europe, and establishes a comparison between revenues and expenses generated in the road sector in these countries analysis.

The results show that, in general, there is a close relationship between spending on conservation and funding model adopted. The article also notes that, despite the efforts made in recent years, spending on road maintenance in Spain remains lower than in other neighboring countries. It is therefore advisable to implement a mechanism to ensure a stable source of budgetary resources and avoid swings.


Conservation, Financing, Spain, Europe, USA, Pay per use, Eurovignette.

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