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What brings conservation to road safety ... road safety and conservation

Enrique Casquero de la Cruz
Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment
Valencian generalitat


It is both what they have in common the conservation and road safety, rather than an article, could write a manual. Obviously, because of space, there has been exhaustive on the topics, even resorting to a superficial description of them.

The aim in this article is to reflect the close collaboration that should exist between those directly responsible for the conservation and those who coordinate the activities of road safety if, with the resources available, we want to get the best results in relation to the accident.

Has followed the RD 345 / 2011 the Ministry of Development as a script to describe how, if we consider the road safety from the earliest stages of the design of new roads, the department most benefited will be the Conservation, you can focus all your resources in the work which are peculiar; especially road safety.


Conservation, Road safety, European Directive, Plan, Inspection, Audit of road safety,
road management.

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