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Arbizelai bridges, Basagoiti, Besaya and Etxebarri

Leonardo Fernández Troyano
Guillermo Ayuso STREET
Carlos Fernández Casado, SL


four viaducts with different characteristics, conditioned by the place and function are presented in this article.

The Arbizelai viaduct has a length of 424,32 meters, a mixed structure with a box section and cantilevers supported by struts. The main span, 140 meters long, is cable-stayed on the axis.

The Basagoiti Viaduct is 420 meters long and has V-shaped piers, with maximum spans of 125 meters.

The bridge over the Besaya River has a cable-stayed span of 134 meters of span and an access viaduct with four spans with V-piers. It was built by successive cantilevers.

The Etxebarri bridge over the Nervión river in Bilbao has two superimposed levels of metro circulation. The structure is a simply supported beam formed by two superimposed slabs joined by three triangulated knives. It was built by cantilevers with prefabricated segments and provisional supports.


Bridge, Viaduct, passing Work, Concrete, Concrete bridge, Mixed bridge, cable-stayed bridge, bridge triangulated.

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