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Industrialization of the construction of viaducts using precast segments. Navia Viaduct

José Ignacio González Esteban
FCC Construction SA


To respond to the important volume of viaducts built in Spain in recent years, FCC has launched a series of actions aimed at optimizing its construction, based on different industrialization systems. Among them is the construction of the board by precast segments; widely used system worldwide though with limited development in Spain.

Since 1997 17 FCC Construction has built viaducts using prefabricated voussoirs systems span by span and cantilevered forward, totaling more than 14 kilometers board.

Navia viaduct located in the Cantabrian motorway A-8 built by FCC Construcción for the Ministry of Development is a singular structure with two main spans arched lower panel light 160 m.

Its construction was performed using precast segments, both viaducts 75 meters of light to the main spans of 160 meters. Noticing structural continuity to the board and use the same elements for the entire viaduct, it has achieved a simplification of manufacturing and assembly as well as a reduction in time and cost.

The work carried out by FCC in the project and construction of the Navia Viaduct has been recognized by obtaining a special mention in the 2010 FIB Awards for Outstanding Concrete Structures.


Viaduct, Bridge, Structure, Precast segment, Lower deck arch, Mixed arch, Concrete, Self-compacting concrete.

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