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Consequences of the current economic situation in the financing of infrastructure and transport systems

Raquel ARTEAGA Sualdea
6º Course ETSI Roads, Channels and Ports
Polytechnic University of Madrid


The economic crisis plaguing us since 2008 has directly affected the infrastructure policy. An immediate consequence was the reduction of budgetary slogans and implementation of a series of cuts in recent years. The result: a slowdown of investment in transport infrastructure and even the cancellation and shutdown of many public works planned for the future. This is producing a waste of drag effect that the construction of public works entails.

But this decline in investment is not equal in the different modes of transport; the railway has captured much of the games in recent years, mainly aimed at high speed. Moreover, we highlight other effects such as reducing traffic flows on certain highways, and analyze the considerable variations in funding between the different Autonomous Communities, due basically to the strong political impact of the action on transport infrastructure.


Budget, Investment, Finance, Budget Cut, Infrastructure, Transportation, Railroad.

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