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Permanent deformation in asphalt mixes and the consequent deterioration of asphalt pavements in Peru

Huaman Nestor Guerrero
Pavement Course in Universities
National Engineering and Ricardo Palma (Peru) 

Carlos M. Chang Albitres
University of Texas at El Paso (USA)


In recent 10 years Peru has promoted a favorable policy for the construction of road works throughout the territory, according to reports from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, having executed more than 15.000 kilometers of roads with asphalt pavements agency responsible for the national road network.

Given this reality there is an urgent need to improve the technology of asphalt pavements in Peru to reach the life for which they were designed. Permanent deformation is one of the most disturbing failures pavement deterioration, being necessary to know its basic to take the case forecasts stages of project development, construction and future maintenance causes.

Therefore it is essential that various tests and analyzes are made in Peru using laboratory equipment and specialized field that allow us to evaluate the pavement structure to avoid permanent deformation. This leads to the need to develop new technical specifications for asphalt mixes depending on the analysis results, may include the use of modifiers such as polymers, rubber powder, and applying the Superpave technology for better characterization of the constituent materials the asphalt mixture in order to increase the durability of asphalt pavements.


Permanent deformation, Asphalt mix, Rheological behavior, Rutting, Fatigue cracking, Rut.

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