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Environmental engineering techniques in the restoration and landscaping of the road between Hortigal and Labarces

Jacobo Fernandez RED
Integrated Environmental Services North SL (39005 Santander)

Miguel Ángel DIEZ BARRIO
Head of West Road Maintenance Section Autonomic
Directorate General of Public Works. Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Government of Cantabria


This article aims to describe the experiences and results obtained in the refurbishment of the CA-847 road, the implementation of innovative actions for environmental integration, based on the resolutions of the competent environmental agencies, although the scope of these actions has It has been defined by the developer of the works, which has allocated almost 8% of the budget of the work on these concepts.

These actions have had a remarkable component in environmental engineering, basically consisting of the centimetric adjustment of the layout, the revegetation of slopes with conflicting lithologies by dehydromanta projection, the expansion of pontoons by using pre-tresses that have avoided any alteration of the intercepted channels, creation of wildlife passages taking advantage of the transversal drainage works, and the installation of numerous plantations in the affected areas, recovering or even increasing the pre-existing vegetation density at the beginning of the works.


Environmental engineering, Environment, Integration of slopes, Hidromanta, Restoration, Slope, Wildlife Paso.

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