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Sustainability of concrete pavements

Sergio Carrascon ORTIZ
Northeast Area Director
Spanish Institute of Cement and its Applications (ACE)


This article deals with the main aspects that mark the sustainability of concrete pavements. The environmental aspects related to its durability, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), saving in volume of materials and reflectance of light and energy are treated. Social aspects related to driving and occupant safety are analyzed in the case of tunnel fires, to reduce user inconvenience due to maintenance operations and pavement reinforcement, fuel savings of vehicles that circulate and new ones surface finishing techniques of concrete pavements that match the characteristics in terms of ride comfort and sonority of solutions with bituminous mixtures. Finally, and to complete the third aspect of sustainability, the economic aspects are evaluated from the point of view of the Life Cycle Cost Analysis (ACCV), the saving of pavement lighting in urban areas and tunnels and its little dependence on oil price.


Pavement, Concrete, Sustainability, Life Cycle Analysis, Security, Comfort.

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