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ITS and the new challenges in mobility management

Juan Enrique Ruiz González
President PEMTRA
President of SICE Technology and Systems, Inc.

Rapid technological evolution has opened up endless possibilities towards a new concept of ITS which main challenge is to achieve the vision of zero accidents.

Improved security, greater efficiency in the management and sustainable mobility, remain the objectives pursued counting for it with ICT tools(a) and a wide range of mobile devices shipped.

The current technological challenge is the deployment of cooperative services I2V-V2I(B) which it is intended to achieve a vehicle connected to the infrastructure so that different users can be better informed and make safer, coordinated, sustainable and, ultimately, smarter road.

The challenge in managing a work indispensable to standardize and homogenize the wide range of new possibilities and opportunities for improvement that open in the very near future.

Traffic, Sustainability, I2V, V2I, ICT, Cooperative system, ITS Intelligent Transportation System, Road safety, Mobile device.

(A) information and communications technology

(B) Infrastructure-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure



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