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The Vizcaya Bridge, great World Heritage road

Jose Antonio Dolara
Responsible for Institutional Relations (Puente Vizcaya)

The article focuses on the Hanging Bridge of Vizcaya linking Getxo and Portugalete, in the Nervion estuary. The project was developed in the nineteenth century by the Basque architect Alberto de Palacio Elissague, and the engineering part was given by the French Ferdinand Arnodin. The outlined solution finally included a pillar on each of the two banks, a ferry between them, lifts up 45 m high and an upper passage 600 people. It was inaugurated in July 1893.

Although it was destroyed in the civil war, subsequently a reconstruction was performed, and again put into operation in 1941. From then until the years 1980 the comings and goings of the ferry trasportan vehicles annually and about 500.000 4 million passersby.

The article makes a historical overview of the hanging bridge and finishes by describing the rehabilitation activities recently carried out with the participation of the Ministry of Development, based on 1% culture, of the Provincial Council of Bizcaia, municipalities of Portugalete and Getxo , and the concessionaire. With a total cost of 2 million, it has replaced part of the bridge units, and has also proceeded to paint, replacing the previous black color a striking red.

1% Cultural, Bridge, Metallic structure, Hanging bridge, Ferry, Vizcaya.

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