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The Roman road "Iter Asturica Ab Emerita Augustam" in the Port of Béjar

Ramón María Peláez Pezzi
Architecture Studio Ramon M. Peláez Pezzi

Via de la Plata, recognized as one of the best preserved and abundance of fossil remains of Roman origin, passing through the Port of Béjar, was in a state of abandonment and degradation. The construction of the A-66, Plate, although discovered a fossil section of the route of the road, had a negative impact on the few known remains increasing deterioration.

1% helps Cultural Ministry of Development have led to the valorization of three sections passing through the municipality of Puerto de Béjar in Salamanca. In addition to making practicable stretches of roadway, encourage tourism knowledge and the interrelationship between the hikers and pilgrims for her run with the population of Puerto de Bejar, to understand how the potential of existing heritage The intervention they sought to inure to the improving the living conditions of its inhabitants.

1% Cultural, Roman road, Silver Route, Puerto de Béjar, Camino Santiago, Rehabilitation.

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