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Highways Magazine - Presentation

With over 60 years of history, Highways magazine has become one of the oldest in Spain industry publications. It has technical and content extends the scope of motorways, other interurban roads, urban roads and airport runways. The treatment of these topics covers infrastructure aspects (planning, financing, design, construction, maintenance, operation, products and materials ...), road safety (equipment, traffic management, intelligent transportation systems ...), medium environment and transport, focusing attention on both the experience, research and national innovations as to those arising outside our borders.

Carreteras magazineBimonthly (six issues per year) and with a circulation of 4.000 copies, the Highways Magazine remains unchanged since its birth in May 1951, its intention to disclose the value of the road as a living element in the economic and organizational chart Spanish politician, offer immediate outlook of new technologies for road communication and contribute to solutions to the problems of the sector in all fields.

Published by the Spanish Road Association (AEC) Private-organization, non-profit and declared of Public Utility by Order of the Minister of Interior February 24 1998-, Roads has a wide acceptance among the scientific and technical community Spanish and international road sector, and its pages have published the most authoritative experts on aspects affecting road infrastructure, making the publication a valuable source of documentation road technology.

This was recognized by the Engineering Index data base designed to provide "information and knowledge of the highest professional relevance for researchers in the physical sciences and engineering," Highways magazine incorporating their documentary references.

Other prestigious scientific indexes whose files are also references to published works are Dialnet Highway, sponsored by the University of La Rioja, and the database of the Institute for Documentary Studies on Science and Technology (IEDCYT) -before CINDOC include - belonging to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), which also mentions in its base Technology (ICYT) and its Union Catalogue Funds CSIC Libraries (CIRBIC).

Similarly, Highway is present in the database Documentation Centre Transport and Communications Ministry of Development and various international catalogs, including DIIT (International Documentation Transport Research) managed within the Transportation Program OECD; Ulrichs; Latindex (Regional Information Service for Technical Journals of Latin America, Caribbean, Spain and Portugal) and the Dutch database Scopus.

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