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Preliminary analysis on the use of indirect tensile test in asphalt mixes designed using the Superpave system

Means of Communication Engineer Research Group Area
Vial Technology Multidisciplinary Laboratory Training
for Technological Research.
Scientific Research Commission of the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The advent of heavy traffic and high tire pressures necessitated the search for superior performance flooring, which gave rise to the Research Program SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program). The method Superpave mix design emphasizes proper pavements for superior performance over its lifetime volumetric design, however still to implement endurance trials that directly relate design with the mechanical behavior

The design method conventional asphalt mixes, the Marshall Method, provides volumetric parameters as well as empirical information on the resistance of the mixture through the Stability and creep test. But these parameters become irrelevant in calls outperformance where it is necessary to study mechanical parameters which can be used for quality control in the laboratory and work mixes. The indirect tensile test used as verification of proper design would complement the knowledge acquired with traditional designs and also analyze new designs.

It has been applied indirect tensile test on specimens made from mixtures of different grain sizes, with two types of aggregates from very different mechanical properties and optimum binder percentages of Superpave design.

The results indicate the ability of this mechanical test to recognize the differences between the variables introduced in the design of such mixtures.

Bituminous mixture, tests, indirect tensile strength, design, strength.

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