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Recycling "semi-hot" in a plant with bituminous emulsions

Technical Director PROAS

Chief Technical Assistance PROAS

We are facing a new technique of recycling of flexible pavements, developed by the DTO. Technical Assistance PROAS, intermediate between the two Reciclados techniques used so far and we took advantage of the machinery of recycled hot but the binder is recycled in the cold.

Tests have been conducted in the laboratory where the good properties of the recycled what encouraged us to go on an industrial scale carried out two tests, the first in a batch plant and the second with a continuous plant mixtures were observed. In both cases the analyzes witnesses confirmed the good expectations we announced at the Laboratory.

We think that we have a more technical for the use of asphalt mixtures aging without the drawbacks of "maturity" with recycled cold and the possibility of recycling the 100% plan far greater than the rates of utilization of hot recycling .

Like all recycled are techniques that allow us to energy savings, savings bond, and avoid opening new quarries by reusing aggregates aged mix.

Recycled, Semi-warm, Recycling in Central

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