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Advances in basic road rules

Maria Dolores CANCELA REY
Chief of Highway Technology

Ministerio de Fomento

This article contains a paper presented at the XXIV edition of the Week of Highway and deals with advances in basic road rules, and is divided into seven sections. The first presents an introduction to the basic rules of road and the process of updating it. The second develops the elements comprising these regulations (technical regulations and recommendations). In the third section the Rules of Highway Instruction, with a brief introduction to the content and scope of each are presented. In the fourth section the major updates to the various articles of the General Technical Specification for Highway Works (PG-3) that have been made in the period 1999-2002 discussed. In the fifth section the current status and forecast new articles General Technical Specifications for Construction of Roads and Bridges Conservation (PG-4) is presented. In the sixth section presents advances in European harmonization and finally in the seventh the conclusions.

technical regulations, roads, layout, pavements, action, technical regulations

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