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Coordination structure of public transport in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona: the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM)

Chairman of the Executive Committee
Managing Director
Metropolitan Transport Authority

The Metropolitan Transport Authority of Barcelona (ATM) was established in the year 1997, as a consortium, in order to promote cooperation between government services and infrastructure holders of public transport in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

The fundamental mission of the ATM is the coordination of public transport, through the planning of infrastructure and services, the management of the financing needs of the transport system, provided by the different administrations, structuring the relationship with transport operators through program contracts and agreements, and tariff policy.

A few years after its creation, the Metropolitan Transport Authority has been a dynamic element in the use of public transport in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

It stresses the implementation of the integrated fare system, and in its early years of operation, has been a sharp increase in the number of public transport users. In addition, the integration has been carried out to ensure the financial stability of the system and at the same time, establishing a favorable tariff framework for the traveler.

The other major product of the activity of ATM, the Infrastructure 2001-2010, Plan includes all actions and planned investments in public transport in the metropolitan region in the period 2001-2010. The Plan, developed under the principle that it is necessary to functionally integrate all existing transport modes, gives special importance to projects that, in addition to covering new potential demands, allow to increase this network effect and reduce the time of transfer and movement of users.

The results of the first years of fare integration, along with the increased supply of public transport that is beginning to assume the realization of the actions envisaged in the Master Plan for Infrastructure 2001-2010, or those proposed in the Plan Services transport possible to ensure that the growth trend in passenger numbers in the metropolitan public transport will be maintained.

Parallel initiatives undertaken by the ATM, such as the implementation of a system SAE multifleet in the field of user information and fleet management, represent an improvement in the quality of service is highly valued by the transport user, and can incorporate, as added value, perceived by the user that is using a single, integrated public transport system, consisting of various operators acting coordinated by a single administration.

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