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Transport Consortia: protagonists of sustainable mobility

Doctor Civil Engineer,
Channels and Ports
Technical advisor
Ministry of Environment

Any plan or proposal on urban mobility in our country calls itself as "sustainable". However, this concept implies a change in the way of defining policies and decisions of our cities are still very far apart. Moving towards sustainable mobility would mean, among other things provided with information (indicators) according to economic, social and environmental objectives that are included under the term "sustainable development".

Authorities Public Transport (ATP) are playing a leading role in this process: some pioneering cities have developed observatories of urban mobility including indicators until recently foreign to professional urban transport, such as air quality, emissions of greenhouse greenhouse or quality of the urban landscape.

The Ministry of Environment, from its concern about some of these objectives, has initiated a reflection with existing Transport Consortia in our country to promote this new way of understanding politics of urban mobility. Creating a Sustainable Mobility Observatory could be an excellent initiative to improve the information that is the basis for decision making.

urban transport, sustainable development, indicators, Transport Authority, Metropolitan area.

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