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Monitoring in Argentina experimental sections of asphalt mixtures with Multigrade Asphalt

Jorge O. Agnusdei
Department Asphalt Mixtures

Training Laboratory
Multidisciplinary Technology Research (LEMIT)

Mario Jair
Asfaltos Technical Support Manager Latin America
Shell Oil Product LA

Alberto Borreli
Roads Department of Omar Apoloni
Buenos Aires province

Alejandro Tagle
Technical Manager Concessionaire Vial Center (COVICENTRO)

In recent years it has increased the deterioration of the roads, especially for purposes of rutting (c) as a result of the incessant increase in traffic (d), both in number and magnitude of the charges.

This time we proceeded to study the behavior of a special multigrade type of asphalt designed to lessen the deformations caused by traffic loads.

In this paper the results obtained to date on the experimental sections built with special asphalts of multigrade type in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe are reported. Despite the short time built, the results can be considered very satisfactory since the mixtures of the two sections have neither any deformation or failure (e) in sight.

It is considered by others important to continue monitoring over time of the two sections as the proper functioning of this type of asphalt has to result in an important solution for our road means, both technically and economically.

asphalt mix, bituminous binder, multigrade bitumen, experimental section, monitoring.

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