Need to reform the rules on vertical signs

Sandro Rocci
Doctor Civil Engineer,
Channels and Ports
Professor of Roads and Airports
ETSI Roads, Channels and Ports
Polytechnic University of Madrid

The author, who participated in the drafting of the Standard 8.1-IC, notes that its implementation has led to an inflation of the number of signals that populate the Spanish roads, perhaps overzealous in their application or by a justified fear legal liabilities that may result from claims related to traffic accidents.

magazine abuse warning signs of danger, they are labeling the perceived reality is passed; regulatory signals, which multiply in contradiction with the principles outlined in the Standard; and targeting signals, whose foundation is not well understood by users. Trivializing the message leads to be ignored by drivers.

a few cases where the standard should be revised for the sake of better understanding by users are exposed.

vertical signs, Regulations, Accidents, traffic sign.

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