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Assessment and management of environmental noise: the European Directive and the Draft Law Noise

Felipe Ruza Tarrío
Vocal Adviser to the Secretary of
State Infrastructure
Ministerio de Fomento

Noise is one of the biggest concerns of societies in different European countries. It is estimated that the number of European Union citizens suffering inconvenience due to noise approach the 100 million. This has led to the adoption of a directive aimed, on the one hand deepen the understanding of the current situation, and secondly, take corrective action in situations of unacceptable contamination detected in the first phase.

To transpose the Directive into Spanish domestic law, has approved a Draft Law on Noise also broadens the scope of the Directive, establishing mechanisms to combat noise pollution, such as the acoustic zoning of the territory, which is It requires compliance with quality objectives.

This Act is the basic legislation, which allows autonomous regions and municipalities, establish additional rules stricter protection. You will have very positive effects on the quality of life of citizens.

Noise, pollution, noise maps, noise indicators, acoustic areas, acoustic quality.

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