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From the refinery to the road. Quality control of bituminous binders

Jose A. Soto Sanchez
Technical Director PROAS

Javier García Luque
Technical PROAS

Bituminous binders are, despite their minority status, are largely responsible for the correct behavior of the firm throughout its life. This and other reasons make usual that when looking for the causes of a problem, the first look of suspicion will often stop them.

The Ministry of Public Works undertakes to ensure the quality of these materials not only setting a specification, but makes it compulsory to carry a certain controls on each supplied product that are reflected in the "data sheets" and the "Certificates Guarantee Quality".

But quality control of bituminous binders is not limited to this, but it is a process that begins with the arrival of crude oil to the refinery and includes its production, transport, storage and supply. The purpose of this article is to present the basic lines of this control, we want to help increase user confidence in the quality of bituminous binders.

Road, quality control, refinery, bituminous binders.

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