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thermoadhesive emulsions for tack coats

Juan José Potti
José Luis Peña
Francisco Guzman
Probisa Technology and Construction SA

Ancillary risks are of fundamental importance in the structure of a firm. In particular the risks of adhesion layers must ensure that work in a supportive way.

In practice, the risks of traditional adherence partially fulfill the function for which they were designed because the residual binder remaining on the surface has excessive tackiness, causing it to adhere to the tires of vehicles work. The end result is that the application of the next layer of asphalt is done with a risk of poor adhesion.

In addition to date no objective criteria for assessing the effectiveness of a binder from the point of view of adherence. This article describes a series of tests are proposed to assess the efficacy from two points of view:

• The adhesion between the layers, and

• Tackiness or "tack".

To provide excellent adhesion between layers and minimize the stickiness or "tack", they have developed a generation of emulsions called "thermoadhesive", which ensure the adhesion between layers to minimize the deterioration in the tack coat to the passage of trafficking work.

To answer this problem, Probisa proposes the use of the Probiclean® emulsion, whose behavior could be summarized as the residue of an emulsion which "adheres the layers of firm but does not stick to tires".

Emulsion, adhesion, thermoadhesive, bituminous, irrigation.

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