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Remote Control Stations

Eduardo Sanchez Bonet

The ERU represents the ultimate expression of intelligent remote MFD. Installed on roads and tunnels. Conceived as a provider of "services" to "Remote Clients" (Centers for Disease Control). Possibility of unlimited client connection. Ability to be configured to handle two "Ethernet" interfaces plus a third "backup" for GSM / GPRS, which gives you an unprecedented security communications. Supervision, management and intelligent control of all equipment (NTDs, EMs, MVPs etc) under its control (located in its area of ​​influence). Provision of a service "Video in Real Time" and "Management Input / Output" (SCADA) and a Service "Program Management" that allows you to dynamically download code-interpretable (programs) that can be run automatically to events or by express request. These programs give unlimited possibilities to the ERU in connection with automation and intelligent performances on everything that is under its control.

TSP (Traffic Service Provider), Multifunctional Intelligent Remote Controller, Traffic, Traffic management.


Asociación Española de la Carretera
Goya, 23 - 4º Right.
28001 - MADRID (Spain)
Tel .: (34) 91 5779972
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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