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PARAMIX project. Research on pavement recycling

Felix Perez Jimenez
Rodrigo Miró Recasens
Clara Martínez Lainez
Roads Laboratory
Department of Transport and Territory
Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña

The pavement recycling is an alternative rehabilitation more competitive and sustainable than conventional performance booster firm, because it minimizes the use of non-renewable resources, natural aggregates and binders hydrocarbon petroleum origin, and prevents the creation of waste and occupation of landfills, thus reducing the need to transport these materials to and from work. However, at present, recycling techniques, both in situ cold and hot ground, are not sufficiently implemented. The PARAMIX project (Road Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques Using Enhanced Asphalt Mixtures), funded by the European Community in the framework of its program "Competitive and sustainable growth" to analyze the conditions of recycling techniques and propose improvements in the various areas involved (materials, machinery, design and construction), with a joint and integrated vision in order to improve processes, the final product and its life.

asphalt pavements, recycling, rehabilitation, bitumen, emulsion.

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