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Mixtures of high modulus. Experiences and laboratory work

José Antonio Fernández Cuenca
Chief of Transportation Technical Advisory DREDGING

Jose Antonio Soto Sánchez
Technical Director PROAS (Asphalt Products SA)

Antonio Garcia Siller
Delegate PROAS Technical Assistance (Asphalt Products SA)

Despite its already relatively long history, only about five years that have begun to run fairly frequently works with mixtures of high modulus ago, and even OC 5 / 2001 not show any official reference to its formulation, manufacture and application and later in the OC 10 / 2002 they appeared in the catalog sections firm. All except for some specifications Autonomous Community, such as Andalusia, where in 1999 official reference is to them. will be referred to our experience in works of high modulus in the presentation, both bitumens penetration 13 / 22, as modified the Newplast (BM-1) type, among which we can name the Radial-2, paving job Barcelona, ​​etc., also, guidelines or recommendations on the formulation, manufacture and control and actual test data, especially dynamic, and comparison of conventional and modified bitumens will be given.

Roads, high modulus, high modulus bitumens, mixtures of high modulus.


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