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Speed ​​breaking bituminous emulsions contact aggregates

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Valverde
senior researcher. Department of Applied Physics
University of Granada

Antonio Páez Dueñas
Coordinator Asfaltos
Technology Directorate Repsol-YPF SA

Miguel Ángel Cabrerizo Vílchez
Professor. University of Granada

Roque Hidalgo Álvarez
Professor. University of Granada

The cold paving technology based on the use of bitumen emulsions brings into play a series of complex kinetic phenomena clearly nature. The different stages in which you can divide the application of bituminous emulsions, known for its importance in the quality of the firm, rupture or phase separation where the bitumen and aqueous phase break their colloidal equilibrium as an emulsion. According to the pace with which this stage is given, it may differentiate the services offered by emulsions manufactured under different conditions. A suitable parameter to quantify these differences is the speed or break time. In this article an objective and reproducible method, easy to use, that allows us to quantify that time by improving qualitative tests established for this purpose it is presented. Tuning technique requires little amount of emulsion and aggregate and experimental conditions approximating real with few initial restrictions. It has been tested with emulsions made with three types of cationic emulsifiers at several concentrations and three types of bitumen of different origin.

Bursting speed, bituminous emulsion, image analysis, aggregate sheets.

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