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Influence of binder in the resistance to plastic deformation of bituminous mixtures

Ignacio Perez Barreno
Doctor in Organic Chemistry
Road Research Centre (CEDEX)

The main objective of this work, carried out by the Forum of Bituminous Binders is the analysis of the relationship between the different properties of bitumens and behavior of bituminous mixtures against plastic deformation. To this end it has conducted a thorough analysis of fourteen binders (eleven three conventional modified), studying and comparing their different properties by conventional pivotal trials. Subsequently it has studied the resistance to plastic deformation, by tracking test laboratory, two different formulations of asphalt mix made with these binders, with the same particle size and different contents of bitumen, comparing the results obtained with different properties the same. It found a good linear relationship between the reciprocal of different properties of the binders (G *, G * / send visco 60ºC) and results of laboratory track mixes made from modified bitumens and conventional.

Bitumen, plastic deformations, fundamental tests, SHRP.

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