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Using colored bituminous pavements in France

Yves Brosseaud
engineer ENSAIS
Research Officer
Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées (LCPC). Nantes (France)

Michèle Saint-Jacques
Professor of the School of Technology
University of Québec. Montreal (Canada)

A survey in the year 2001 by GPB (Professional Group of Bitumen) on 270 localities of more than 5.000 inhabitants in 68 French departments showed that the two major concerns of the French people are the reduction of road noise, and separation between channels. For many years colored pavements allow us to respond to these concerns by employing pavement red, obtained from traditional bitumens or pigmentable and iron oxide. Research on new synthetic binders and selection of new dyes has allowed the development of new applications of color in the road world. In the last five years there have been a series of works of colored pavement covering a varied palette of colors with different intensities and colorful, and offering a highly valued aesthetic user. This article summarizes the state of the art of bituminous pavement colored in France. It establishes the main characteristics of its constituents, defines and describes the four Bituminous color techniques used in surface layer and indicates their advantages and disadvantages. the domain of employment and the objectives sought restrictions and precautions are also presented, as well. The main findings of specific studies on some particular properties (reduction of surface temperatures), photometric properties and especially continuity in the night perception of color contrasts are indicated. improving security is also addressed. A summary of behavior is also presented by tracking different jobs and different roads opinion collection managers. the main trends on the use of these colored pavements are included at the end of regulatory recommendations on the choice of color and, in conclusion.

Bituminous pavement, colored pavement, synthetic bitumen, urban planning, cycling track, tunnel.

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