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The selection of the type of binder for the design of asphalt mixes

Jose Antonio Soto

Alberto Bardesi

The selection of the type of binder may be one of the most committed to when designing an asphalt hot mix decisions. Although the official rules makes clear the different options we have depending on weather, traffic and instead fill the layer in the package firm, is not always easy to decide on the basis of these parameters and will need to expand the range of conditions based on what we want that meets the asphalt mixture according to the type of binder that we have, that is, they must have a very clear criteria of what we get on the road and what means and materials we have to get them. This article describes those features that, from our point of view, must comply mixtures and what is the characteristic of bitumen that influences their achievement are analyzed. Also, a review of the existing specifications in Spain and Europe (EN 12591) in the present, already used by some EC countries is given, and future philosophy on rules of binders and mixtures based on performance characteristics and initiates by the American SHRP methodology and now adapted to European conditions.

Bituminous binder, asphalt hot mix, specifications, mix design.

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