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The CE marking of bituminous mixtures and their components

Alberto Bardesi
Repsol YPF Lubricants and Specialties, SA

In recent years, within the field of technical standardization committees, he has worked extensively in unifying the regulatory framework of bituminous mixtures for the entire European Union. As regards the quality assurance, European legislation imposes a procedure called "CE" which will be the reference in the near future. In the article the framework of the CE marking process (bodies involved, types of standards to obtain, types of system, transitory periods, etc.) is initially exposed and how to analyze the current situation of European standardization and, very especially in relation to the CE marking in the field of bituminous mixtures and their main components, aggregates and asphalt binder. Application regulations, the list of capital required, the procedure used to obtain the CE mark, and the description of the initial type testing and factory production control are some of the points discussed in this article.

asphalt mix, quality, quality control, CE, regulations.

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