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New runways from Madrid - Barajas

Javier García Pérez
Aeronautic engineer. Camp Director Barajas Flight Plan. AENA

The Master Plan for the Madrid Barajas Airport 1999 contemplates the extension of Barajas building paths to existing parallel runways, four parallel tracks until two to two, albeit with different orientation. It is estimated that when it is fully operational the new airfield will allow a maximum capacity of 120 operations / hour and serve about 75 Mpax / year, which will place as Europe's Barajas airport. Each of the two runways has a length of m and a width of 3.500 60 m, can accommodate aircraft of type F, and equipment beaconing is Cat-II / III type. (For low visibility conditions). In addition to the two runways Barajas Plan includes the construction of two major parking platforms close to the New Terminal Area and around the Satellite Building, with an increase of the current surface parking 2 million square meters. Said Barajas Plan, which is carried out in an extensive article description, both the design of the works finally includes the undergrounding of several high-voltage lines owned by different companies. The completion of these works, one of the largest in Europe, has meant for example the execution of more than 55 million cubic meters of embankments in 10 months, the simultaneous use of 200 trucks for it dumpers of 100 t, placing 2,7 million tons of mix asphalt pavements, working during 24 hours a day, every day of the month.

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