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Improved operational characteristics from Malaga airport

Carlos Mendez
Works Director of AENA

Fernando Aguirre
Technical Director of Infrastructure Conelsan

The steady increase in the mass of the aircraft and the speed at takeoff and landing, have caused problems with the classical types of track surfaces. The most significant is the phenomenon of hydroplaning ( "aquaplaning"), which is held responsible for incidents involving aircraft. On the runways it is necessary that the top layer of pavement present a thick macrotexture (sand circle to 1 1,5 mm) to facilitate the exit of rainwater. When layers are used traditional blends with fine macrotexture, you have to perform a back grooved to facilitate the exit of water to the margins of the track. The application of mixtures of staple grain sizes of specific surface texture, which provides a much greater amount of friction in all conditions humidities avoids the phenomenon of "aquaplaning" without slotted. Such blends also perfectly support the rubber cleaning actions that cause aircraft operations and the mixture is applied in the performance we described.

Operational, batch mixing, beacon, friction, macrotexture.

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