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TransMilenio: a new vision for urban mass transit

Henry Matallana Ivan Torres
Head of Communications TransMilenio SA
Bogota Colombia

Bogota (Colombia), three and a half years ago, a transformation began in public transport. The 18 2000 December by Caracas Avenue, the main street of the city, began circulating red articulated buses that would mark the beginning of change in the way we move from Bogota. With the premiere of exclusive lanes for movement of new buses, modern communication systems and specialized infrastructure was started the first system of mass transit buses in the country, called TransMilenio, today global example in urban mobility and listed as an effective response to the problems of public transport facing cities, especially in developing countries. The figures achieved are encouraging. With about 650 million transported passengers and a tour of the trunk fleet reaches 120 million kilometers, the system of mass transit TransMilenio of Bogotá has managed to meet the expectations of citizens in the three and a half years of commissioning .

Bus reserved platform, transfer stations, Bogotá, urban transport, public transport.

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