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Improved mobility in Porto Alegre by the Management Model Consorciado and Broker-exchangers collective Transport

Danyela Moraes da Silva
Public Transport Company Engineering and Circulation of Porto Alegre (EPTC)

Emilio Merino Dominguez
Professor Doctor Federal University of Rio
Grande do Sul (UFRGS) (Brazil)

The city of Porto Alegre has a long tradition in urban planning and transportation in terms of social, economic and technical requirements has been demanding society. Since 1959 which was instituted the Master Plan of Porto Alegre, where the network of mobility in radial and perimeter roads it is nested, until now with the respective approval of the Second Master Plan for Urban Transport and Environmental, it can be seen that in these 44 years integrated planning, strategic vision of municipal government that has been able to see the future of the city, directing it comes to sustainable development. As pillars of the structure of the city, in the field of transport, was the consolidation of the network of corridors of public transport and the conception of the Management Model consortium of Transport that implemented the Operational Basins (service) with the overall objective of qualifying mobility as a whole and specifically optimize the system bus with the corresponding reduction in operating costs.

Transport corridors, interchanges, operational basins, transport consortia, management model.

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