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Planning and management of public transport system in Curitiba

Antonio Carlos Marchezetti
Director Logitrans
Curitiba (Brazil)

Garrone Reck
Professor, Department of Transportation
Paraná Federal University (Brazil)


The city of Curitiba is perhaps one of the first cities in the world in which urban development is conceived relying on the transport system and in particular the public transport network. This model is growing in the years 60, almost parallel to another Brazilian city, Brasilea, where the city model is based solely on the car. Forty years later, the Curitiba model remains valid and is a benchmark, while the model Brasilea has had to adapt and build a metro network. In this long journey of forty years, the public transport model of Curitiba has had to deal with management problems thereof, as well as adapt to the changes and needs that the city was experiencing, not only from the urban but social point and economic , creating the foundation to look optimistically to the future.


Bus, Integrated Transport Network, reserved platform, transfer stations, Curitiba, urban transport, public transport.



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