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The Bus-Vao driveway Madrid: optimizing the use of infrastructure in the corridor of the A-6

Andrés Monzón
Miguel Mateos

Transportation Research Center-TRANSyT
Polytechnic University of Madrid

Carlos Cristobal Pinto
Domingo Martín Duque
Regional Transport Consortium Madrid

The Bus-Vao driveway in the corridor of the A-6 Madrid remains a unique solution in Europe despite opened almost 10 years ago; other European cities have implemented VAO system, HOV, but with a draft, so far, much lower than the case of Madrid. The system has the dual purpose of influencing the improvement of public transport buses operating in the metropolitan corridor in which it develops, and promote car sharing formulas, type "carpool". The analysis of the evolution of mobility in the corridor of the A-6 proves that the Bus-Vao system is attracting users to the corridor to the modes of high employment, since between the years 1991 and 2001 the increase in the number of transported persons (63,3%) was much higher than vehicles (40,5%). The impact on intercity buses has been spectacular. If the number of expeditions 1994 bus was 1.260, today are almost 4.000 they serve the corridor, ie bus use has grown 220% compared with 40% population has grown corridor. Moreover, one of the keys to the rise of "car pool" is good public transport supply in the corridor, so that around comfortably secured to those who can not return to the person who made the trip way. Thus there is complementarity rather than competition between the "carpool" and public transport, capacity advantage over the reserved lane effectively. The success of the bus is conditioning two elements of the system, one is the heat exchanger is at saturation levels that require expansion and another is the section Single-Bus, you also need to expand to meet the growing incidents that occur in the same . Both actions will result in improving the quality of service buses Bus-Vao driveway.

Bus, Bus-Vao driveway, HOV, reserved platform, Madrid, public transport.

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