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Quality Bus Corridors in Dublin, farsighted and successful, but with plenty to do

Alan R. Westwell
Managing Director. Bus Atha Cliath - Dublin Bus

Public transport is cheaper and environmentally friendly than private vehicles. However, the demand for more space for our roads is increasing due to the increasing number of private vehicles and mobility needs. As the space is limited, you need to make rational use of available space and optimize the use of infrastructure thinking more passenger capacity rather than, as often happens in the flowability of vehicles. The attractiveness of public transport depends on its speed and regularity. Data analysis conducted by the International Union of Public Transport (UITP) show that there is a direct link between the relationship "public transportation average speed / average speed of the car" and the fraction of the transport market covered by public transport. This view has been confirmed by market research Dublin Bus: Customers have repeatedly pointed out the frequency and speed of buses as the most important aspects of the service. Networks most popular public transport are those that offer more speed and regularity compared to the car. Dublin Bus has long been campaigning for a redistribution of road space conducive to public transport, it is a prerequisite for a real priority for buses to protect them from traffic problems. It is an unavoidable condition if we want the bus to be attractive and effective competition against the car. According to the UITP "well-used public transport can carry more passengers than 20 times private vehicles on the same road space." Dublin Bus is a full partner in the development program of Quality Bus Corridors ( "Quality Bus Corridors" - QBC). The development of these corridors is the most effective and rapid measure, which requires a reasonably low investment in infrastructure compared with other modes of transport, and provides excellent results. Accordingly, Dublin Bus will continue to drive the implementation of the QBC program.

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