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Curb-guided bus in Leeds, opportunities and challenges

Bob Tebb
Technical Director of Operations. First Group.
United Kingdom

In the years 80 a new transportation system called O Bahn, or guided by outer edge, as a stretch of 3,5 km bus experimental arises in the German city of Essen. The system was subsequently implemented in the Australian city of Adelaide in 1986, as a connection from the suburban periphery in the northeast to the edge of the city, in a length of 12 km. Expectations of new cities troduced seemed that this system would be immediate, but the truth, despite the success which had been implanted, the examples are not continued. In 1995 the English city of Leeds opened a first tranche bus driven outer edge, completing a runner on first and second in 1997 2001. The experiences gained in this city present it as a very interesting way, with clear advantages over other intermediate capacity modes of a much higher investment cost. This article reflects the experience gained in this city, from the perspective of an operating company.

Bus, curb guided bus, Leeds, urban transport, public transport.

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