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Ten years of success in the bus line of Trans-Val-de-Marne (TVM)

Stéphane Lecler
Head of Institutional and International Affairs of the Union of Transport of the Paris Region (STIF) and Secretary General of the Association of Metropolitan Transport Authorities in Europe (EMTA)

The so-called Trans-Val-de-Marne (known as TVM) is a bus line serving reserved platform from 1993 in Southeast belt around Paris. This service is an attractive solution for transversal travel in an area that is essentially endowed with transport infrastructures radial direction Paris. In 2002 the TVM transported in average travelers 45.000 / 21 day in their km long. This line, managed by the RATP ( "Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens"), has 23 stops, and serves from 5: 00 until 0: 30 by articulated buses (capacity 120 passengers), with an information system real-time and full accessibility. Thanks to the platform and the priority reserved bus at intersections, the commercial speed reaches the high magnitude of 22,5 km / h. The construction of the reserved platform and structures has been done by providing a transformation of the light rail line in the future, if traffic continues to increase. Currently, it is planned to extend this line 7 additional km westwards, and other 4 km to the east. These extensions of the current line 20.000 provide passengers every day.

Bus reserved platform, Paris, urban transport, public transport.


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