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To the truth of the costs and benefits of transport. The case of Madrid

María José Guerrero García
Doctora Ingeniera de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Senior consultant
Steer Davies Gleave Ltd.

Public Administration, operators and transport managers, users and society in general need to have accurate and complete information on the impacts, costs and benefits that transportation generates. Project evaluation and charging for infrastructure use so require. The summary in this article (*) Research develops and implements a new methodology based on the framework of satellite accounts Accounting United Nations (SCN-93 and SEEA-2000), which integrates accounting economic, social and environmental aspects transport. The study, in addition to the usual economic costs of production-transport operation (staff costs, energy consumption, maintenance costs and repairs, insurance, depreciation and others), includes costs for land occupation and the costs of chargeable infrastructure each means of transport, accident costs, travel time users, damage to human health from air pollution and noise generated by the various modes of passenger transport; as to the benefits, transport's contribution to the regional economy and employment, and accessibility, mobility and social equity that brings is obtained.

Transport, externalities, economic costs, social costs, environmental costs, transport benefits.

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