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Integration of local networks with high capacity roads

Alvaro Miranda Simavila
Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications
Government of Navarre

The article begins by making a list of major socio-geographical characteristics of Navarre, later describing the administrative and historical peculiarity of its road network, since from the time of Charles III Navarre exercises full and exclusive powers in the all of the existing network. economic developments are also compared in the last years of Navarra with the rest of Spain, and also with the European Union. Large Capacity, General Interest, Interest Community, Regional and Local: Following is a list of the characteristics of the Navarre road network, describing the different types of pathways and networks is done. The rest of the text focuses on the latter, in the Local Network Navarre roads, highlighting their current and future importance, especially as it relates to become the essential support of a balanced local development, and the importance of their integration in the network of high capacity roads. After highlighting the character of public service should have the roads, the article presents the II Director of Roads of Navarra 2002-2009 Plan and summarizes some of its main objectives, which is to improve the integration of high capacity network and the local road network. The result of this intention is the example presented at the end of the text, the motorway between Pamplona and Logroño, in 70 km long and financed by shadow toll, which has been included expressly reform 60 km of local roads associated with the highway, thereby achieving a significant improvement in both types of road networks.

roads, the local road network, Navarre, high capacity roads, territorial development.


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