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The scenic route Almonte-Los Cabezudos

Ramajo Luis Rodriguez
Biologist-Environmental Technician
Andalusia Infrastructure Management SA
Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Junta de Andalucía

The uniqueness of the performances of conditioning that has been made in the HF-6248 road from Almonte to Los Cabezudos (Huelva) lies in the application of a set of environmental measures that identify a new type of transport infrastructure: the scenic road in sensitive areas. The layout of this highway crosses formations of pine on existing arenas in the Doñana. These vegetable masses possess some natural values ​​of incalculable value, highlighting to be a natural extension of the habitat of the lynx (Lynx pardinus) in Doñana. With these natural values ​​it is evident that the refurbishment should minimize the effect barrier, and especially the risk of abuse, both through the design of the road as adopting measures in the execution and conservation. The action executed incorporates a set of environmental measures that give infrastructure a chord ecological and scenic value with the environment and its factors. The road itself is also conceived as a tool for protection and conservation of existing environmental variables in the territory.

scenic highway, Doñana, lynx, environmental measures.

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