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Repeated creep test as predictive method to rutting resistance of bituminous mixtures

Jim Carswell
Project Manager
Binders Technical Unit of Sunbury
BP Bitumen

Olivier Moglia
Project Manager
Central Laboratory of Llandarcy
BP Bitumen

The reliability of SHRP procedure parameter defined as G * / send to prevent resistance to rutting has been questioned in the case of some modified binders. Various alternatives have been proposed, including the study of the cumulative residual deformation, determined in a creep test repeated standing time. This article describes this method and the results obtained with this test data available on the behavior of those same ligands in a test of resistance to rutting of bituminous mixtures are compared. It is appropriate to recall that in Europe binder specifications and associated test methods to them could be defined in the future in terms of behavior. The debate on this subject has started some time ago and have already been proposed various methods; we hope this article will contribute positively to this discussion.

Bituminous binder, modified binder, test method, resistance to rut, repeated creep test.

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