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Eurotunnel: a decade of private management

Alfonso Estébanez Aldonza
Tunnels and Underground Works Department

This article was prepared as a summary of the seminar that the Spanish Road Association awarded within the subject of Transport Economics ETSI Roads, Channels and Ports of UPM in Madrid last year 2002-2003. In preparing the article has tried to respect as much as possible the original divisions of the seminar. It is aimed at exposing the infrastructure evolution and the current and past economic situation of Eurotunnel as a company, and the feasibility of it in order to deal future situations after nearly a decade of exploitation. In the article are to develop the basis of reasoning, the initial expositions, the development of infrastructure creation and its exploitation along this decade. All these arguments culminate in a series of conclusions that can be extrapolated to large infrastructure projects that are planned in the coming years with private capital. It also aims to demonstrate how the boundary conditions and previous forecasts influence the development of infrastructure, from their point of mere economic standpoint.

Eurotunnel, bad forecast, traffic flow, project financing plan.

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