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Using bitumens modified with synthetic long chain aliphatic hydrocarbons in bituminous mixtures

Ignacio Perez Barreno
Senior Technical Project
Road Research Center
Ministerio de Fomento

Recaredo Romero Amich
Head of the Technology and Roadway Studies
Road Research Center
Ministerio de Fomento

Felix E. Mariscal Martínez
Sales manager

The aim of this study, conducted at the Road Research Center CEDEX, is to assess the influence of the modification of bitumen by adding Sasobit®, bitumen additive made by synthetic long chain aliphatic hydrocarbons, both properties of the binder and the properties of bituminous mixes produced with it. From the results it is concluded that the addition of a 3% of this product to a bitumen B 60 / 70 40 produces bitumen / 50 type, reducing manufacturing temperatures and compacting the mixture in a 10ºC. In addition, the bitumen obtained has close to those of a modified bitumen type BM-2, although with a lower elastic recovery characteristics.

Bitumen, synthetic waxes, bituminous mixtures, modified bitumen.

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