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Regulation, standardization and innovation road in France: a long experience of cooperation between administration and businesses

Yves Brosseaud
Engineer responsible for research
Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées. Nantes (France)

In France there have been numerous investigations into road techniques, and often these investigations have been conducted in cooperation between the road companies and the technical network of public roads administration. This has allowed the development of new materials needed to prepare technical documents for road community. The article presents, first, an example of this type of documentation (normative, regulatory and informative) and its use, conducted within the framework of pavement design and formulation of bituminous mixtures.

The Directorate of French roads has launched a policy of support for innovation, with the aim of promoting initiatives for businesses and the emergence of new road techniques, and responsive to the needs identified until this moment, mainly related to the recent developments in the road network and new user demands it. The actions undertaken towards innovation are addressed through a detailed presentation and summary Innovation Framework Agreement ( "Charte de l'innovation") and technical reviews ( "Avis techniques"). The results of this flattering innovation policy are illustrated by three examples:

• Improving adherence at an early age, using the technique of micro-scale,

• Differentiation of spaces with the use of clear bituminous pavements, and

• Reduced rolling noise by using low-noise techniques: example of draining bilayer.

Innovation, standardization, special asphalt mixes, pavement design, mix formulation, rolling noise.

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