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The Galileo project and its influence on the world of transport

Alberto Abad Burgos
Anton Ruben Dominguez
Eva Bermejo Ferreiro
Mariano Colmenar Gotor
Alvaro Fernandez Heredia
Oscar Hernandez Sanz
Daniel Latorre Becerra
Juan Ramon Quesada Marijuán
Pablo Muñoz Martínez
Aurelio Sanchez Sanabria
Students of ETSI Roads, Channels and Ports
Polytechnic University of Madrid

Galileo is a program developed by the European Union that aims to operate and manage a network of satellites that allow a system of global positioning of great cover. This project was conceived as a purely European initiative, but open to other countries, in a sector where the monopolistic trend is becoming more pronounced. Galileo is more than a program to equip Europe with its own navigation system, and will have implications in the different policies of the Union, in its relations with other countries, the opening of a market of opportunities with a strong potential and, even in a new vision of the daily life of every citizen.

Galileo, satellite, transport, communications network, GPS.

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