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The bridge over the river Higuamo, a step towards sustainable development in the Dominican Republic

Jose Francisco Rodriguez Sanz
INOCSA delegate in Santo Domingo

Emilio Bayón Caja
Technical director

Tourism is becoming progressively in the economic engine of greater strength of the Dominican Republic. The vitality that this sector has in previous years has influenced decisively in annual growth rates, close to 8% of GDP, placing the country at world-class levels in terms of economic growth. This privileged situation and the increasingly fierce competition emerged with neighboring countries, it requires the development of an infrastructure capable to assume and expand the tourist and cultural offer for all its visitors.

The Bridge over the River Higuamo is a further step in the process of improving road infrastructure connecting Santo Domingo City with the tourist areas of the Dominican lift. In this singular work they are using advanced technologies (special anti-seismic devices, removable straps, etc.), and is being executed under strict control and security measures. This article describes the main characteristics of the infrastructure and the current status of the work are indicated.

Tourism, Sustainable development, Road infrastructure, Cable-stayed bridge, Supervision.

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