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Ferrovial: experience, innovation and investment capacity in transport infrastructure in Europe and North America

Fidel Saenz de Ormijana
Aréa Chief Water and Highway Design Manager
Technical direction
Ferrovial Agroman

José Emilio Herrero
Chief Area Structures
Technical direction
Ferrovial Agroman

Ignacio Clopés
Delegate in Ireland
Ferrovial Agroman

Half a century after its beginnings as a construction firm, Ferrovial has become one of the leading European groups specializing in the design, construction, financing, maintenance and management of transport infrastructure. Ferrovial develops road and motorway projects in countries in Europe and Latin America, Canada and the United States. Among the latest achievements in this article are described by their uniqueness execution of the extension of the 407 ETR in Toronto (Canada), completed in record time and with extreme care the ambient environment; construction of N4 / N6 Motorway in Ireland and construction of a unique structure, the viaduct over the River Arade on the Scut Algarve Motorway in Portugal.

Motorway, Viaduct, Structure, Toll, Concession, Electronic Toll.

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28001 - MADRID (Spain)
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