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The role of Spanish companies in the management of transport infrastructure in the world

Fernando Gutiérrez de Vera
President of the Commission of Grants SEOPAN

Private industry infrastructure management has become a necessary complement public investment budget. The past decade has seen the resurgence of this industry in Europe, driven mainly by the "Private Finance Initiative" English, accompanied by other initiatives in Spain and Portugal, Ireland and Germany. In the nineties in America, Canada, Chile and Colombia and Argentina they have managed to build and finance major projects, while the development of industry in the US was slower. Australia, and subsequently China also used the system.

Among the top ten global sponsors are six Spanish groups. This preeminent presence stems from the historical tradition in this type of concessions in Spain and a set of favorable circumstances exploited by the Spanish industry, including its determination to diversification, geographic presence in several countries at the time they initiated this type experience and the ability to gain the confidence of the financial markets for their new projects.

The emergence of new projects in the US, China and subsequently Russia will mark future trends and define world leadership in the coming years.

Infrastructure management, Concession, Toll Booth, Farm road, highway funding.

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